ChaeyAhne SilverFox Designs

These pens are *stunning* and are absolutely perfect for writing in your grimoire! Even though I don't hand write in my grimoire, I do some calligraphy and some segments of my grimoire are handwritten. I want one of these. The only problem is that I can't decide which one I want! ChaeyAhne works with so many styles, there's something for everyone! . . . If you can decide. :P
Each one is hand crafted, and are OOAK. (one of a kind) ChaeyAhne has been making these works of art for nearly three decades. She also makes a wide variety of other items, including smudge fans, herbal mixes and more! If you're not totally enthralled, you're weird. And if you are, check out her site here. Enjoy!

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