Usefull Website

See, I told you I'd post soon! Anyway, I found a wonderful website called the Internet Sacred text Archive. It's basically a huge database with thousands of religious books, new and old. Two sections of note are the Internet Book of Shadows, here, and the Grimoire page, here. I think that page is still under development, but it's worthy of bookmarking! Be sure to explore the rest of the site too. It looks like a good way to learn about world religions, not to mention interesting!


Heads Up

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry it's been a while. I've been so sad to neglect my posting! Things have been busy around here with getting ready to move back to the mainland. I WILL post soon, I promise! However, more future postings will be more sparse until I get settled in Washington!


Speak out to this misinformation site!

Hello again everyone. This article is not related to grimoires, but I really want to spread the word about it. Here is a copy of the article I posted to the Witch's Voice . . .

Today I came across a horrible website that is spreading hate about not only witchcraft and Wicca, but also Judaism and many other peaceful religions! While I think that the site owner may have good intentions (to "save" so-called "evil-doers") , he/she doesn't have a clue what he/she's talking about . . . We as witches, Wiccans, Pagans, etc, have enough trouble with superstitions and hate as it is. Unfortunately, when I searched for "about witchcraft" on Google, this website was the fourth link on the results page. How will we ever be able to face the world without persecution if this and other websites are blaring out our supposed evil ways? Let's speak out to the site owner; tell him or her who we really are. We are not evil criminals out to cause harm in the world. You know as much as I do that we just want to be able to live happy, healthy and peaceful lives. This is one way that we can make a difference. Together we are strong!
Here is the link to the page in question:

Much love and light to all,



Language Barrier

One of the greatest challenges that comes with studying historic grimoires and occult texts is being able to comprehend what is being read. There are three variations to this challenge; the first would be that most are in languages that are not only foreign, but very different from any modern language. Even if you speak Modern French fluently, it would be difficult to get much out of a text in Old French, as language evolves drastically over hundreds of years. The second challenge is that of reading a text that is translated loosely, though is still written in a style more Shakespearean than modern; it is still readable, but is still trying. The third, and probably the worst, is trying to read a text that has been translated very poorly. Most older translations are translated word for word. This brings up several problems; grammar is often horrible or nonexistent, and hardly any of the "translated" text makes sense. Obviously, this is all quite problematic. With the exception of poorly translated texts (in which case one can find a better edition of the text), the only way to cope with such dilemmas is to practice, practice, practice. I recommend reading Shakespeare plays, old poems, pretty much anything from that era. Doing so is guaranteed to make studying easier and enjoyable.


Grimoires on CD

Today I was tooling around the 'net trying to find something interesting, and lo and behold, I found something! I found two CDs that contain tons of crafty information. One is a compilation of spells, correspondences, theories, articles, how-to's and more. The other contains handy software to help you write your own spells (great to help novices!) and even create magickal watermarks for your grimorie pages! Check them out! The first one can be found here, and the second one here!
Please note that I have not tried either of these CDs, so it is up to you to risk the possibility of infection or fraud. If I check either out, I will be sure to post!


Sacred Mists Grimoires

Sacred Mists is a wonderful store with a huge selection of products. One of their highlights is the Create-A-Grimoire system, designed to make grimoire crafting easy and fun! Their binders are scrapbook-style and post bound, and come in a wide variety of materials from leather to silk. They also have a huge selection of parchment and paper to choose from, as well as scrap booking embellishments to add some sparkle and fun to your pages! These ready to make grimoires are perfect for someone with a whimsical taste. To check them out, go here!