Rare Occult Booksellers

Well, so far I've discovered two sellers of antique, first edition, rare and out of print occult books. The first one I found, The Magickal Library, also sells new items, herbs, and occult artifacts. The second, Wierus Occult Antiques, sells extremely rare, antique books, many of them original first edition copies of hard to find texts that are hundreds of years old (yet in very good condition). If and when I become rich, this is what I'll be spending money on. Ok, maybe after I have beautiful antique European furniture throughout my house. These books go for thousands of dollars, but oh, they're worth it. When you consider the information inside them, concealed for centuries, and the fact that in many cases there are as few as two left in the world, yeah. It's worth it. Sometimes the whole language barrier could be a problem, because most of these are in Old English, French, Latin, German, Italian or Spanish, and sometimes Arabic and Tibetan. Oh well, I plan on becoming multi-lingual anyway.


Anonymous said...

Check my rare occult library at www.motusbooks.com

librarywizard said...

for rare occult books bound in old manuscropt vellum from 1745

old books on witchcraft bound in antique morroco with er..interesting aditions!

see the esoteric book gallery at

www.bound books.co.uk