Inspiration for your grimoire

I was browsing around on DeviantArt this evening looking for something interesting to post about. Well, I found something!
Here are a few pages hand painted by Tigressong in her hand bound grimoire that she made herself. (She made the paper too!) Her artwork is very unique, in sort of a collage style. If you want to know more about her inspiration, go to her gallery and read about her and her art. Then have a look at all of her artwork and start mulling around ideas of your own!
I'm intending to find more grimoire content/art/information to give you inspiration! There is so much out there . . . You know, (detour!) I remember when I first read about grimoires or books of shadows. It was in some Wicca book, and it was described pretty much as "a hand written copy of the coven's rituals and rules, sometimes written in code."
How boring. Make it a work of art! An extension of yourself!
The grimoire is your most important tool. Make it reflect your personality.

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