What beautiful lecterns!

These gorgeous lecterns are made by the company New Renaissance Woodcraft. I found their website through Brahm's Bookworks, and boy was I excited! These are perfect for displaying grimoires and other magickal texts! I want one . . . I am currently working with the owner on designing a custom lectern for me! I hope to have it made out of ebony, and although it would considerably jack up the price (probbly twice as much), it would definitely be worth it. Ebony is a very powerful wood. Its qualities predominantly include power, protection and strength. To top it off, my wand is made from ebony. It would be ideal for my magickal tools to have something that ties them together, as that greatly enhances their power. One of the great things about these lecterns is that they have a compartment inside! The craftsman/owner has told me that he can make it big enough to store my 12x9x4 grimoire! This will be a great advantage and will save me space! I'll have a place to store my grimoire away from dust and humidity, but when I wish to read it, I won't have to lug it very far or strain my neck whilst reading it in my lap. How ingenious! I can't wait. Now, these images are examples of the owner's craftmanship. The top one is crafted out of ash and stained darker. The one on the bottom is crafted out of purple heart, which is a very interesting wood!
You can find out more about purple heart here.
Of course, it will be a while before I can buy a lectern of my own. Right now I am waiting for the price of my book leather to be calculated, and the total of my order at Talas is probbly going to ring in round 200 dollars. After that, I'm going to have to save up around four hundred dollars for the lectern. (it would be much cheaper if I settled for a different wood, buy you know me.) Damn me and me expensive taste. But oh well. One of my sayings is "It is better to have a few objects that you care for than to have a thousand objects of little or no value to you." Yes, you may quote me.

Meren heart,
Nefabit :3

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