Some assembly required

Well, the supplies for my grimoire are on the way! I ordered everything from Talas, and here's what I'm getting! I'll be using eterno bookboard, which is acid free, very durable and archival quality. You can find it here. Over that I'll be using forest green calf hide - a fine grain yet durable bookbinding leather. You can find it and other colors here. The image to the right is a Florentine book paper - unfortunately the picture does not display the vibrancy of the colors. Ah well. When I have finished assembling my grimoire, I'll be sure to post pictures of it inside and out! I want to be able to move pages around, so for the binding, I'll be using solid brass screw posts, found here. Other supplies include glue, knives, bone folders, etc. Anyway, now it's off to the fabric store to buy ribbons that match the endpaper! Ta ta for now!

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