The Grimoire of Pope Honorious III

Isn't the above statement a bit of an oxymoron? A grimoire written by a Pope?! Well, yes. Apparently he justified his writing with the statement that priests should be able to work with demons so as to control them. Which, I happen to agree with him. (detour!) See, I have always disagreed with the Wiccan notion that we should not study black magick. What closed minded thinking! How are we supposed to defend out witchy selves from goblins and demons and other assorted nasties if we don't know anything about them, what they are or how they work? I actually applaud Pope Honorius III. Very logical and modern thinking. Especially considering that he reigned during the 13th century. (He looks like he's sleeping in this portrait)
Unfortunately, I have not been able to get my little paws on a copy of his 120 page blaspheming manual as of yet, as the title is currently going for between $500 and $2,000. I'll surely find a cheap copy when I get back to the mainland. Hopefully I'll find a copy in an antique store, and hopefully the shopkeeper won't know what it's worth. Wouldn't it be just wonderful if I could get a copy for five dollars? I cna't wait to be able to go book hunting (detour again!) There are only a few antique stores on Oahu, and the prices are jacked up because the price of land and rent is so high and there aren't very many antiques here, considering it's only been modernized for about 50 years. So, anyway, I don't have one yet, so I can't really tell you what's in it. But apparently people really want it.
Apparently, this is what the available printing looks like. If I happen to find this copy for cheap, I'd buy it, but I'd prefer to have a pretty hardbound copy of such a book. Perhaps I'll get lucky. Or, of course, I could always make my own binding for it! Yes, I think bookbinding is a good skill. And with a glue bound book it would be very easy to disassemble the thing. Of course, I'd have to sew it myself, but the stitch is not that hard. I think the hardest part of bookbinding would be folding the signatures. Luckily I don't have to do that, and hopefully I won't have to at any point. I'll have to post about how to do that specifically. It's all complicated and icky. I'd have to find good illustrations, though. I must snoop.
Meren heart,
Nefabit :3

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Gothla said...

Have you been able to find a copy yet?

I know of someone who would be able to send it to you from the UK for around $150USD...

I have emailed him the link to this blog.