Yay, I have a new blog!

Hello, there! Here's my new blog about grimoires and everything related - how to make them in different ways, ideas on decorating them, things to put in them, tidbits of history, links to historical grimoires, and more! I wish that I could start posting my research right away, but I really need to eat breakfast . . . I think I'll make a ham and egg sandwich (yummy!). So, after breakfast perhaps I will post more. In the meantime, check out my list of grimoire links at
There you'll find links to proffesional grimoire makers, grimoire accessories, supplies for making your own, pre-made art pages, and more! Enjoy!

Meren Heart,
Nefabit :3

PS: Note to self: first post should be about the history of the word grimoire and its first forms!

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