The secure grimoire

It's a very good idea to have numerous back-ups of your grimoire. It takes so much time and effort to write, compile, create and organize a grimoire, and with only one copy, if something happened to it, all of your efforts would be lost forever. Of course, the first step is to take care of your corporeal grimoire. Keep it away from children, don't leave water sitting next to it, don't eat over it and don't leave it just anywhere. If you go on vacation, leave your grimoire with a trusted friend and bring a backup copy with you. If you move, never, ever, ever let the movers pack it up! Keep your grimoire with you, or else send it ahead of you by insured, registered mail. Things will get lost or stolen in the hands of movers (I've moved six times in my life, now going on seven). So, with a dose of common sense and an ounce of prevention, your grimoire will be fine. The next step is to back up the information. If you hand write your grimoire, copy all of the pages by scanning or typing them into the computer. Save the files in a good rich text editor and create files and folders as you wish. Or, if you type and print out your information, just be sure to save it all in one place. Ok, good! Now you have it in two places. But what if something happens to your computer? Save all the files on a cd or two. Keep one in a safe place within the house and send the other one to a close friend. If something happens to your house, you'll at least still have the information. Another good idea is to have a portable, shareable version. I have a copy of my grimoire on a thumb drive, which I can carry with me to coven meetings, etc, when it might be useful to share my information. This, of course, is much more practical than lugging around a seven pound book! Last, but not least, be sure to update all of your backups regularly as you add more to your grimoire.

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